“Willy D” denies involvement in U.S. scam

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Businessman William “Willy D” Martin said he is not involved in what he believes to be a scam to swindle money from his attorney’s bank accounts.
Martin told OBSERVER media that he began receiving calls two weeks ago from four of his former attorneys asking him if he was agreeing to enter a half-million-dollar deal to purchase heavy-duty equipment from the U.S.
In a four-page document dated October 30 and disseminated to Martin’s former attorneys and signed by William Dan, purporting to be the president of Willy D Enterprises in Antigua, the signatory claimed that he intended to enter a contract to purchase three heavy-duty equipment for an overall amount of U.S. $523,000.
But Martin is adamant that he did not initiate any action to purchase a bulldozer, an excavator and an asphalt paver from a Manhattan, NY construction company.
“I don’t know anything about that. I want the public to know that I, William Martin, have nothing to do with that. That is not me, that is not my signature,” Martin said in an interview yesterday.
The company claims that Martin will purchase the equipment and that they would need the banking information of the attorneys to facilitate the transfer.
The businessman who owns a heavy-duty equipment company here said that he contacted the listed seller and was told by the receptionist that they were unaware of such a contract.
“They said that I was not the first person to call them about something like this with their name. I trade under ‘Willy D,’ but I am certainly not ‘Willy Dan,’” he said.
The “Letter of Intent” document stated that the buyer and seller should not disclose details of the transaction, but Martin is adamant that he is not in breach of any agreement since he did not enter into any contract with the listed company.
Martin is urging anyone contacted on his behalf to not fall victim to the scam and to safeguard  his or her banking information.

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