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PM Browne calls for 1 per cent Global Tax for slavery reparations

By Elesha George

PrimeMinister Gaston Browne has told the world’s most influential leaders to focus their attention on providing equitable living standards for all citizens, as a start to reparations for hundreds of years of slavery and colonialism.

The former banker is asking the G20 leaders and the European Union (EU), who represent most of the world’s economy, to implement a 1 percent global equity restoration tax on the world’s wealthiest individuals.

“There should be the introduction of a global equity restoration tax on the wealthy, especially that 1 percent, to address the scourge of global inequality and to assist the poor and the vulnerable in wealthy countries as well as to cover reparatory obligations here in the Caribbean.

“…The 1 per cent controls nearly half the $85 trillion global economy and they should be made to pay this equity in the form of a restoration tax to restore global equity,” he told historians, researchers and advocates, who attended Thursday’s symposium on Western Banking, Colonialism and Reparations.

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