Antigua and Barbuda’s Reggae Ambassador recovering after major surgery

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By Theresa Goodwin

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The sound of his very own music, Thank You, blared from the speakers in the theatre room at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida where Antigua and Barbuda’s Reggae Ambassador underwent an eleven-hour procedure to remove a cancerous tumor from his colon.

It also marked a significant and life-changing step for the artist who was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer around three years ago.

Causion, whose real name is Gregory Colin Bailey, had remained optimistic throughout the entire ordeal, however, doctors had previously indicated that the removal of the tumor, which is close to his bladder, came with challenges and their focus was on saving the reggae artist’s life.

He told OBSERVER on Sunday that he was doing better after the surgery, and improving day by day.

As it relates to the actual procedure, the reggae ambassador said he was not aware of the time as he was asleep during the entire process. He did however recall a question from the anesthesiologist who asked if he wanted to hear some music and his preference was Thank You.

Incidentally, the single Thank You was written a year before it was released, and while the artist was experiencing a difficult situation.

The song which speaks to giving thanks to God for what he has done has helped him to stay the course and remain focused throughout his medical journey.

Causion has also formed a charity called ‘Thank You Mission,’ a passion focused on growing a powerful community of people to help him and other musicians fight the war against cancer and other illnesses.

“The anesthesiologist came back in the room days after and told me the song was really good and they played it during the entire surgery. I was amazed and blown away by that, it was a very good feeling for me, it was something that I did not expect,” Bailey said.

According to the advice from his medical team, it will be another few months before he will be able to return to normal everyday activity, but the reggae artiste intends to spend his downtime wisely.

“We are going to be spending a lot of time writing and working on new material. We have a lot of work to do with HaMa Productions, with Antigua Me Come from, which was released recently with Elite Island Resort.

“There is a lot of that; we have been [working] for the past couple of years and I am just so happy that I am here to witness so much of it,” Bailey said.

Over the years, Causion has told his story, heard the stories of others, spread awareness on the importance of health and wellness, and helped [those who are struggling] in any way he can.

He said that despite his own medical journey, this continues to be his primary goal, and he is therefore encouraging men and women to pay keen attention to their health, regardless of their age.

He stressed that times are changing and so too “should our mindset.”

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