ZDK views launch of prime minister’s new radio station ‘questionable’

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The Station Manager of ZDK Radio station, Sean Bird, believes the “optics” of the Prime Minister Gaston Browne setting up his soon-to-be-launched POINT FM, look “questionable”.
He also told OBSERVER media that he’s sure that loyalties will be divided rather than united even though the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) has not given notice that it is delinking from ZDK.
The entity, owned by the Bird family, has been the mouthpiece of the ABLP for years and Bird assured that this will never change.
“There was a change in leadership in the party, so there is probably a change in vision,” Bird rationalised. “I believe the prime minister was wise enough to assess the situation and decided what to do in the best interest of political survival.”
In an earlier interview, Prime Minister Browne said his new radio station would counter the “misinformation” coming from primarily Crusader and to some extent, from OBSERVER media.
According to him, listeners will hear the other side of the story, so they can determine what is “fact” from “fiction”.
Browne was asked why the Labour Party felt the need to launch a new entity when ZDK was already its soapbox.
The only forthcoming explanation was that “The UPP has Observer, they have Crusader, so another radio station will still be no match to what the UPP has as its political arsenal.”
The prime minister said that POINT FM is mainly for community development even though there will be some politics.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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