Youth urge peers to engage in beneficial activities

President of the National Youth Council, Guishonne Powell
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The National Youth Council (NYC) and National Youth Ambassadors Corps (NYAC) are urging young people to engage in constructive activities during the summer vacation.

The appeal comes after Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney announced that several teenagers and young adults have been implicated in recent criminal activities.

“When we saw the article in Saturday’s newspaper, we were extremely disturbed,” said President of the NYC, Guishonne Powell.

“The National Youth Council, Youth Ambassadors and Department of Youth Affairs [DYA] recognise that now school is out, young people have more time on their hands. And we are just encouraging them to use that time constructively and do positive things,” Powell added.  

The NYAC is inviting young people to join the Volunteer Corps at the Department of Youth Affairs. CARICOM Youth Ambassador Lyle Jackson, who is spearheading the initiative, urged young people to join the corps, which has tremendous psychological and social benefits for all involved.

“I want to thank youth who have already joined the Volunteer Corps and we would like to see more youth taking advantage of the programme which seeks to fuel socially responsible behaviour by giving back to our communities and building human capital,” Jackson said.

As National Youth Ambassador Julien Kentish pointed out, “the Volunteer Corps is grounded in nation building efforts. Summer camps can be costly, but the Volunteer Corps is free. For parents who cannot afford other programmes, this is an opportunity for you and your children.”

A meeting with the Volunteer Corps is scheduled this week. Interested persons are asked to contact the DYA at 781-3078.

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