Youth service group shows resilience amid Covid as it inducts new members

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by Leon Norville
[email protected]

Junior Chamber International Antigua (JCI) inducted 29 new members at a meeting on Tuesday following an intense three-month training and orientation programme.

The intake process is done annually under a programme called ‘Aspire to Inspire’ which focuses on educating prospective members on the history of the group and key areas surrounding self and community development.

Chairperson of the intake process Martina Humphreys said, “The Aspire to Inspire recruitment process this year was challenging, time-consuming, rewarding and an overall learning experience.

“The committee worked closely together to ensure that incoming members were well-equipped and had sufficient knowledge to become a JCI member.”

One interesting highlight of this year’s intake process was the return of a community-based service project that prospective members were required to do – an initiative that sat well with senators in the organisation. 

Speaking to Observer, JCI President Leycia Samuels said, “It is heartening that persons are still willing to invest in their personal development while giving back to their community during a pandemic.

“We have been faced with various challenges but have remained determined, resilient. Our members have been willing to exhaust all options to meet their objectives and create an impact.”

Executive Vice-President Shenique Barry said this was a proud moment for the body.

“Over the last two years we strived to be resilient and focused to push through the pandemic. A lot has changed, and we are always looking at how we can adjust our organisational models to adapt and meet the changing pandemic protocols to execute and deliver our programmes and initiatives and keep our growing membership engaged.”

Top awards given among the newly inducted members were Most Outstanding JC Okera Lee, Active Citizens JC St Claire Jeffers, Innovator JC Lauria Lewis, Most Improved JC Shanice Paul, Best Public Speaker JC Joyann Michael, Perseverance JC Desmond Marshall, Best Interview JC Sharane Charles, and Best Project which consisted of group members Shay Savoy, Simeon Norville, Janecia St Hill and Okera Lee.

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