Youth sentenced to 18 months for sex with two minors

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By Latrishka Thomas

Two years ago, while at the age of 18, a young adult male had unlawful sexual intercourse with two underaged girls who were 13 and 14 years old.

And in July 2020, the young man pleaded guilty to the two indictments.

According to the facts, both girls were in the same grade in a school where the defendant worked.

In June 2018, he became Facebook friends with the younger complainant and later visited her at home.

They continued talking despite her father’s warning and she eventually asked him to be her boyfriend.

A week later, he asked her to meet up with him and he persuaded her to engage in sexual intercourse with him on a slab of concrete.

A few months later they met up again at the same place and had sex.

That same month, September, the defendant became friends with the complainant’s 14-year-old classmate.

The two girls realised that he had interest in them both and they became upset.

A member of staff eventually noticed his interactions with the girls and summoned the girls’ parents.

The defendant was subsequently fired and broke off his relationship with the 13 year old, but moved on to the 14 year-old in October 2018.

In January 2019, however, he had another sexual encounter with the 13 year old, and then began having sex with the 14 year old later that month by hiding out in her room.

Two months later, the 14-year-old girl posted on Facebook about her relationship and sexual activity with the defendant and her father was made aware.

As a result, a report was made to the police and a police investigation was launched in relation to the defendant’s first victim.

He was subsequently charged with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Having admitted to the offence a few months ago, he was sentenced on Friday by Justice Iain Morley to spend 18 months in jail for having sex with the 13 year old, and 12 months for the 14 year old.

The sentences were ordered to run concurrently.

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