Youth offered second chance at CSEC qualifications

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Approximately 200 people have taken advantage of an opportunity for a second chance at academic success.
Programme Manager of the Youth and Empower-ment Programme Troy Allen told OBSERVER media that some people, who may not have completed secondary school education due to a number of reasons, have applied to the programme.
“What you find happening is that many persons mature at a different age, so you find that some of them don’t really take the opportunity seriously until the time would have elapsed. In addition to that, there are some persons who would have gone through family trauma,” he said.
Some students, who are currently attending secondary school, report that some subject areas either clash on the schedule or is not available in the curriculum. Allen cited that as a reason as well.
He said,” Also, students are complaining that while they were in school, they were not given the opportunity to do the subjects that they wanted to actually do; they were forced.”
The programme manager said that all fees for this programme are paid by the government, and students who complete it will get the opportunity to receive the Prime Minister’s Scholarship to further their studies.
“Persons who would have completed the programme and they meet any university requirement, once they would have been accepted into any university and they have their acceptance letter, the prime minister has already pledged a number of scholarships. So they will get a full scholarship and they will be able to pursue up to a Bachelor’s degree,” he explained.
He revealed that there is no limit to the availability for scholarships,
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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