A family has been left to ask why, in the wake of the newly confirmed revelation that Devon Daniel was murdered.

Eighteen-year-old Daniel was found floating in a pond, at Lightfoot, in late March, and an autopsy has indicated that the young man was strangled.

Acting Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson made the disclosure on State media Tuesday morning.

The boy’s grandmother told OBSERVER media he had also been beaten about the body and his spinal cord severely damaged. She said the findings confirm the family’s suspicions about her grandson’s death.

“We knew from the beginning it was homicide,” she said, a sentiment echoed by her son and Daniel’s uncle, Keith Yearwood.

“Our doubts have been confirmed that it wasn’t by chance that he was in the pond,” he said.

The former Golden Grove School student, who has been described as “playful” and “helpful” young man, had been unemployed since he dropped out of the National Technical Training Centre (NTTC).

Meanwhile, Commissioner Robinson noted that the peculiarity of the Daniel’s murder, citing that the young man had not been known to be involved in any violent or criminal activity in the past.

Robinson also decried the “loud silence” surrounding the teen’s death and urged the public to come forward with any information about the crime.

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