Youth creates new app for football lovers

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Akeem Blackman, 24, is the creator of the app
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By Carlena Knight

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For many football fanatics, it can be tough trying to stay in touch with your favorite teams or watch live matches on the go, but one Antiguan and Barbudan youth has created an app to help mitigate those issues.

Twenty-four-year-old Swetes resident Akeem Blackman is the face behind ‘Premier League TV’, a new android application which allows persons to stream and watch the Barclays Premier League and other football leagues for free.

The app only requires an internet connection and an android device. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees; it is completely free.

He was however sponsored by DNA political hopeful Avoy Knight who helped to purchase external libraries required for some functions in the app.

“My hope with the launch is merely to gain awareness. Being a sport fan, it was hard keeping up to date with live matches since I had to go to school or work. So, the app allows us to stay tuned while on the go,” Blackman explained.

The All Saints Secondary School graduate has always had a passion for programming and sports. Because of that love, he came up with the idea to fuse the two and, after completing his studies in computer science at the University of Guyana, he came up with the idea to provide a product for all to enjoy.

“Growing up, I always knew that a basic 9-5 cannot give me the life I want or the life I think I deserve. So, I was constantly looking for different ways to source income.

“I found myself falling in love with coding or designing which then led me to the development of applications. Being a cricketer as well helped me to focus more on sporting apps outside of the business sector. We have to admit, most of us do love sports,” Blackman said.

Although the app is presently only available for androids, Blackman revealed it is his “plan to expand, by even bringing the app to Apple users as well”.

This is not the first app that he has developed. He has two other sporting apps, IPL Live TV and Free Kickz, available on the Galaxy Store.

Blackman is a firm believer that due to his current success and the new age of technology, programming can be pushed even more in the country.

He is encouraging others to get involved.

“We shouldn’t be left behind. Programming is the future; we see every day that technology keeps evolving, everything is becoming digital. It should be pushed in Antigua and Barbuda.

“Although programming sounds hard, with dedication and practice it becomes as easy as reading a book,” he added.

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