Youth awaits sentencing for two 2013 murders

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A social enquiry report is being prepared to guide newly appointed high court judge, Stanley John, in sentencing Maximillian Roberts who, this week, pleaded guilty to two murder charges.

The report will give the judge a glimpse into the life of the 29-year-old killer who is to be taken back to court on June 24th for sentencing.

Roberts, who was 23 when he was charged in August 2013, admitted that on July 20th, 2016, he gunned down 75-year-old businessman Zephaniah Joseph who was also known as Zephy.

The other victim who Roberts admitted to killing, was 29-year-old Edwin James, who worked for Joseph.

The victims were at their workplace, Ottos Multi-tyre Centre on All Saints Road, when Roberts pounced on them and opened fire.

James died shortly after arriving at the Mount

St. John’s Medical Center while Joseph succumbed days later, despite having surgery.

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