Youth activist releases mini-series to focus on needed improvements in his constituency

Jahmaal Fredrick, former Youth MP for St Paul
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By Elesha George

[email protected]

Community and youth activist Jahmaal Frederick has launched a video mini-series to highlight the needs in his constituency of St Paul.

In “Eye on St Paul”, Frederick makes viewers aware of incomplete projects like the polyclinic at Cobbs Cross that had been promised for 10 years, along with a non-operational water storage tank and unfinished roads.

His videos have garnered more than 33,000 views on Facebook.

Frederick, who is the former Youth MP for St Paul, said he got the idea after mustering the courage to talk about these issues on Observer Radio.

“For years I’ve been on the ground and I’ve been hearing the cry of the residents and nobody seems to be speaking out on the issues, so I decided to brave up as a young man,” he told Observer.

The 25-year-old said viewers have been receptive to the information and the authorities have started doing road works in several areas since he started the series. He said this is testimony to its effect.

More focus, he said, needs to be placed on these key areas in the constituency like upgrades to Liberta Clinic, water shortage issues and assistance with improving sporting facilities in the area.

Frederick has interviewed persons like the President of the Liberta Sports Club, Kenneth Benjamin, who spoke on the sporting needs of the constituency.

The youth activist said he will continue to advocate on behalf of the constituency for as long as he is alive to do so.

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