Young woman dies suddenly, police investigating

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The sudden death of 35-year-old Sharmaine Richardson of Perry Bay on Tuesday is being investigated by the police.
If alcohol abuse played a role in her demise, an autopsy is expected to show this.
The young woman was found dead in her home on Tuesday, reportedly hours after a routine night of drinking.
According to police sources, her boyfriend, Steadroy Francis, who lived with her, was the one who found her dead shortly before 9 o’clock that morning when he returned home to check on her.
He told the police he left the house shortly before
6 a.m. and at the time, she appeared to be in a deep sleep.
Francis also told investigators and medical personnel his dead partner was well known for her abuse of alcohol and it was something many struggled to get her to stop.
When the body was found, rigor mortis had already started to set in, suggesting she had been dead for a few hours before the discovery.
The woman’s body was moved from the Perry Bay house to Barnes Funeral home.

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