Young Masters to host Christmas camp

Veteran cricket coach Abuda Barnes
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By Neto Baptiste

Veteran cricket coach Abuda Barnes will be hosting his Young Masters Sports Camp over the Christmas vacation.

Barnes made the revelation on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, adding that he made the decision to stage the camp in an effort to give lift the spirits of the young sportsmen and women following a “rough year”.

“I am going to have the children out there for the Christmas vacation because I know they are all pent up and frustrated. It has been a rough year for them and I want to end it on a high note, so I am going to have a camp starting the week after school closes. It will take place at the same place and at the same time and I have my usual children but anybody else who wants to join us will be free but we are not going to be dependent on the other [new] people to come on board,” he said.

Barnes said that a number of coaches in cricket and football will host sessions through the camp which will be based at the Rising Sun Ground. Interested individuals can register their children at the Rising Sun Ground.

“They can come up to the field on a Saturday between 9:30 and 4:30 pm and they can speak to me in person or to the assistant coach. The camp this time around will be slightly different and because it’s Christmas we are going to be making some changes where it is going to be a sports camp and not entirely just cricket. We are known mostly for the cricket but I am going use football as well because a lot of the children play both games well but it is just that they excel in cricket,” he said.

A total of 40 children will be accepted for the camp and will be separated into smaller groups for the duration of the Christmas vacation.

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