Young man allegedly electrocuted in Jolly Harbour

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Twenty-six-year old Shawn Warner was allegedly electrocuted last night in Jolly Harbour when he reportedly came into contact with an exposed electrical wire on a pole which was repaired earlier in the day yesterday.
The mother of the Jennings man, said she, her son and his two sons had just finished packing up and leaving their beach bar around 6:35 p.m. when they realised the security gate was closed.
“While driving up the gate was closed so I parked in front of the gate and walked out to the security gate. I asked the lady to open the gate for me and she said the gate was closed, that it closes at 6 o’clock and the supervisor went away with the key. When I looked up I saw the two bunches of keys and I didn’t tell her anything,” the mother told us late last night.
She also told OBSERVER media the security told her the “walkie-talkie radio” was not working and she, the security, did not make any effort to use her cellular phone to call the supervisor.
The mother said she stood in the area for some time and then walked back to where her son was.
“At the same time a lady shouted and said ‘come here, come here quick.’ When I ran, I saw my son who was perhaps coming up to the gate by the security. There was a bunch of raw wire there and he stepped on the wire and then he grabbed onto the metal pole,” the mother said, as she explained that that was when her son got shocked.
She said he called out for help from the woman who was standing closer to him but she was too scared and did not know what to do, and before anyone could do anything, young Warner fell to the ground.
“He hit his head on a stone, his head burst too,” the mother reported.
According to her, witnesses said maintenance men had been doing work on the pole earlier in the day and it appeared they missed one of the wires which had not been put back in place.
The grieving woman said after her son was rushed to the hospital, and she returned to the area with the police, the wires were no longer connected and staff told lawmen no electricity was flowing to them.
But she said she is confident this is not true because “when we came out to leave, the light was on the pole while we were still on the compound and we all saw.  I saw it, other persons saw it, his kids, one is five and one is seven, they saw it when he got shocked.”
The mother said by the time her son reached the hospital and started receiving treatment, his body had already turned blue, and this, she was advised, is an indication that he suffered a strong electrical shock.
Bolans Police are probing the death.

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