Young entrepreneur wins Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Program Award

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By Leon Norville
[email protected]

CEO of Wadadli Innovators is the first recipient of the Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurial Development Program Award (EDP), an award category that was introduced at this year’s National Youth Awards.

Father of two, Guishonne Powell who won the award for his atmospheric water generator, was presented with his award by Prime Minister Gaston Browne during the virtual National Youth Awards, held by the Department of Youth Affairs.

Powell, who is humbled by the recognition, said that his company began in 2015 as Wadadli Power Savers, “the business was primarily geared towards reducing the carbon foot print in electrical systems. But as time progressed, the business quickly turned to a more all-inclusive environmental approach, with the introduction of renewable water the main product, and carbon removal technologies.” 

In 2018, the business took its new form as Wadadli Innovators, an amalgamation of water, wind and green renewable technologies all geared towards sustainable development goals.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the EDP award recognizes and celebrates the vital contribution of a young entrepreneur to the growth and development of our economy. In congratulating Powell, he said, “I commend you on your innovation and your resilience through this challenging period of Covid. This award is a symbol of inspiration and encouragement for the recipient to think bigger and to grab hold of the endless opportunities available for the business to thrive successfully.”

Powell shared with Observer that being the first person to receive this award is a great feeling. He said, he is tremendously honored, especially knowing that a lot of persons nominated him, and he won. “It’s almost unbelievable.”

The entrepreneur encouraged young people with business ideas to take the leap of faith and get fully invested in their business. “Do not let fear hold you back! Once you are determined, you will succeed.” He said.

Acting Director of the Department of Youth Affairs, Dr Jrucilla Samuel, also congratulated Powell on his achievement, “The Department of Youth Affairs is extremely proud of the accomplishment of Powell. His atmospheric generator transcends the Covid-19 pandemic and it is also eco-friendly.”

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