Young Barbudans told their island is in their hands

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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

The Minister responsible for Barbuda Affairs, Samantha Marshall, has told the young people there that they are the ones to help build the Sister Isle.

Marshall, who was at the time delivering the feature address at the National Day Parade on Barbuda, said young people should find ways to contribute to nation building.

“As the young people of Barbuda, you are not only called upon to be the script writers of your destiny, but to participate in helping others to realise their full potential…Although we are challenged by Covid, we have cause to recognise you the young people who continue to build a bright future by excelling in school…,” she said.

Marshall also encouraged the youth of Barbuda to adopt the vision of the government and be active participants in your principle of service as a solution.

“We all must recognise that service is a critical tool as we address our national pride in building an economic powerhouse. Service is key to recovery,” she added.

“I also call upon the young people of Barbuda to grab hold of the challenge and be the economic powerhouse that we all envisioned,” she said.

Meanwhile, thirteen-year-old Alexander Desouza Jr called on Barbudans to make new resolutions for the betterment of their island.

“If you really want to show that you appreciate, pledge to be good citizens from now on, casting away victimisation, corruption will cease, nepotism will decrease, throughout the whole nation. Our country then will be a just society. Let this be our pledge,” he said.

Council Members of the BPM boycotted the Independence Day Parade on the Sister Isle.

This would not be the first time that Independence Day celebrations are being boycotted by Opposition forces over there.

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