Young author hopes new book will encourage kids to read – and combat bullying too

Fashanu Henry-Giddings holding her book 'Reading is Fun & Dante and the Bully'
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By Latrishka Thomas

Latrish[email protected]

A two-for-one special is what you will get with 28-year-old Fashanu Henry-Giddings’ book called ‘Reading is Fun & Dante and the Bully’.

It comprises two stories in one publication where children aged three to 10 will learn how to deal with bullying, and also that reading can be as fun as it is beneficial.

Henry-Giddings, originally from Jamaica, said that the concept for the book came about during a trip to her homeland.

“The idea came to me when I visited Jamaica and met a little boy whose mother had a hard time getting him to study during summer or weekend because he believes that books are only for school.

“And also I met a child who was being bullied in school because of his locks,” she shared.

She explained that her book will not only assist parents with teaching their children the importance of learning, but it “also has Bible scriptures for parents and children to study together, and is great for children who are struggling with bullies at school and are afraid to speak up”.

And although this is not the young woman’s first book, it was the first to be published after three years of gathering ideas and illustrations.

The book was self-published in April 2022 and is currently available on Amazon Kindle or can be ordered locally from the author.

Henry-Giddings’ ultimate goal is for her book “to be in all the schools in the Caribbean”.

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