Yida Zhang confirms gun factory is off

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The media-shy Chinese investor, Yida Zhang, has put out a statement through YIDA representative Ambassador Johann L Hesse to confirm that plans for a gun factory have been scrapped.
“The YIDA Group regrets the negative fallout from this proposal. It accepts that the planned assembly plant will not be going forward,” Yida said.
In the statement, Yida noted it is one of the first six planned assembly plants scheduled for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
“I am painfully aware that a public discussion regarding one of the first six planned assembly plants, scheduled to be constructed in the Special Economic Zone authorised by law, for the Yida Zhang project, has generated unwanted negative fallout,” it read.
The statement said that an Italian firm approached the YIDA Group to assemble competition style rifles, handguns and other sport shooting paraphernalia intended for the sporting market especially in Europe and South America.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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