Yida executive issues warning to critics

Investor Yida Zhang and Prime Minister Gaston Browne give thumbs up before the ground breaking ceremony on Guiana Island April 2015. (Photo by Kadeem Joseph, OBSERVER media)

The Vice President of Yida International Kenneth Kwok has been making waves, ironically at the closing ceremony for Sailing Week.

In a less diplomatic tone from what he used during last Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony for the multi-million dollar Guiana Island project, Kwok had a message for critics of the development.

“… To all those of you who are in the minority that choose to stand in our country’s way and to be on the wrong side of history, we have a very clear message for you. You and your families will be left behind in the ashes of the previous administration, while we as a country rise like a phoenix towards real economic prosperity,” he said.

On more than one occasion the Vice President spoke of his extremely high alcoholic content.

He says they are creating a new yachting hub, with the development of no less than six new marinas.

“The zone will become a new hotspot for yachting enthusiasts. Going forward, hopefully our project will become the new yachting headquarters and Yida International Antigua’s Race Day  will happen there going forward, every year.”

The special economic zone declared for the more 15 hundred plus acres owned by Yida is set to include an off-shore financial centre, a five star luxury resort, villa communities, a casino and gaming complex.

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