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Yenifer Bridge: Coroner and jurors view body of teenage mother

Deceased, 16-year-old Yenifer Bridge

By Latrishka Thomas

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A coroner’s inquest has commenced for Yenifer Bridge, a 16-year-old mother whose death is under investigation.

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel and a jury visited Straffies Funeral Home to examine the body, initiating the standard procedure for deaths deemed suspicious or of unknown cause.

The inquest aims to determine Bridge’s cause of death, with a trial now set to be scheduled.

However, if a suspect is charged with her death, the inquest will be discontinued.

Bridge’s body was discovered on June 28 in a wooded area along Fig Tree Drive.

The circumstances surrounding her death have raised concerns, particularly because her two-year-old son had been found alone on Jonas Road hours earlier.

As part of the ongoing investigation, authorities have questioned several individuals, including Bridge’s boyfriend, though no charges have been filed.

In cases where natural causes cannot be established, the coroner will launch a full investigation. This process typically involves a trial where a pathologist presents findings and a jury determines the cause of death.