Xtreme gym reopens after brief closure, some members quarantined

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By Latrishka Thomas

Health officials have completed the contact tracing process at Xtreme Health and Fitness after one of its members tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now several members and some staff have been asked to quarantine for 14 days.

Gym spokesman Bernard Percival Junior told Observer that the ministry received the gym’s records with names, dates, sign-in and sign-out times, and phone numbers.

He said an undisclosed number of individuals are now in quarantine, to include some front desk staff.

Percival explained that precautionary action had to be taken after one member tested positive after leaving the gym earlier this month.

“We had an individual who tested positive for Covid. That individual happened to be a member of Xtreme … the 14th was the last time he was actually in the gym and if my memory serves me correctly, from what I’ve been told, he actually tested positive later that evening… and was quickly quarantined,” he shared

He said that that member has not been back since.

However, the gym had to be closed for a few days since last Wednesday “to ensure that if any virus remains on any surface or anything along those lines … the virus can die out and the gym can be cleaned”.

Percival said the gym’s management did “the best [they] could possibly do”.

“I don’t think we can do anything at all differently,” he remarked, noting that Xtreme has meticulously followed protocols by installing hand-washing stations, hand sanitisers, and taking temperature checks.

But since closing “we had a guy come in and do a full steam cleaning of the mats, the equipment, dumbbells, the whole nine yards,” he revealed.

Nevertheless, he urged members “to be a bit more vigilant… to try their absolute best to make sure that they sanitise everything properly and thoroughly”.

But Percival did not lay blame on any individual.

“We ask that our patrons be understanding and realise of course it’s no fault of ours or even the members as well, because nobody wants to contract it and nobody wants to spread it to anyone else especially their loved ones,” he stated.

He added, “everybody needs to do their own part as well”.

The Marble Hill gym is the first gym required to close due to contact tracing since such businesses reopened in July.

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