J Quinn Leandro and D Jonas

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UPP Candidate for St George

Dr Jacqui Quinn Leandro

Source: United Progressive Party

Source: United Progressive Party

Dr Jacqui Quinn Leandro did not participate in the X Files.

ABLP Candidate for St George

Dean Jonas

Source: Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party

Source: Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party

Born on May 23, 1961, the ABLP candidate for St George, Dean Jonas, is passionate about advancing educational opportunities for Antiguans and Barbudans.
Jonas studied Telecoms Engineering at a university in England and worked in the Cayman Islands as Regional Marketing Manager for inbound products at Cable and Wireless for over 20 years. After resigning, he opened the Sea View Academy with his wife.
His passion for education, he said, was fuelled when former prime minister, Lester B Bird opened ABIIT and the Free Trade Processing Zone. He believes a firm educational background will produce world-class entrepreneurs.
The Potters man says that he suffers the complaints of his constituents on a daily basis. The lack of water, poor sanitary conditions, damaged roads and limited street lighting continually plague St George, which has not been properly represented for over 20 years.
Jonas complains that Government is “dumbing down the system” by introducing Universal Secondary Education. He believes that pre-school universal education is more important and that we should benchmark on the private sector and strengthen and broaden it. Moreover, he says that government takes credit for the scholarship programme, previously started by Lester Bird, after the establishment of the Board of Education and the Education Levy unit.
Jonas argues that the government attempts to blind the public with habitual openings of buildings like the public library, the car park and the power plant, and these cannot be used by the public.
Jonas, who was also a victim of violence, expressed concern about the rise of violence in the season. He dismissed the claims of the conviction of battery charge against him and confirmed that the situation, according to his attorney, was not a conviction and so his decision to appeal had to be revoked.

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