Wounding charge dismissed against siblings

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Three brawling siblings were yesterday given a stern warning by Justice Keith Thom.
In the scolding, Thom emphasised the need to exercise self-control because a life can be easily lost when tempers flare.
The Justice made the remarks when adjudicating the case of Yanil Stevens who was stabbed several times about the body following a bloody altercation with two of his siblings in Parham on August 22, 2016.
Yesterday, the injured 27-year-old, who was stitched up and released from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre one day after the stabbing, told the High Court that he did not wish to proceed any further with the court case against his little sister and older brother.
After fielding several questions from Justice Thom, the prosecution and the attorney for the defendants, Lawrence Daniel, the matter was discontinued, but not before the aforementioned strong warning.
The Justice told Stevens, his sister, 24-year-old Chaunella Roberts, and his brother, 29-year-old Charles Roberts, that young people need to manage their anger better, particularly in light of the recent killing in Jennings where a young man lost his life when he was allegedly stabbed to death by a 19-year-old male.
The allegation against the two  defendants was that on the date of the offence, the complainant and Chaunella were at their home in Parham when they had a disagreement. The young woman left that home and then returned. At that time, Charles also arrived.
Chaunella reportedly brushed Stevens on the shoulder, and he in return put out his foot to trip her. Chaunella got upset and punched him in the stomach, at which time, Charles got involved with a knife, throwing several stabs at his younger brother.
Stevens ran, but Charles caught up and stabbed him in the shoulder and neck. Chaunella then joined in the attack and stabbed Stevens with a pair of scissors in his back. Charles then stabbed him in the back.
There was some wrestling, and Stevens managed to get away and hail someone to assist him with transportation to the hospital.
The Roberts siblings were soon thereafter charged with wounding – charges that were dismissed yesterday.

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