Would-be kidnapping victim doing better, police issue statement

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Investigators have made no headway with leads regarding alleged police impersonators trying to trick a cop’s mom into leaving her workplace with them for unknown reasons.
This is according to the woman’s son who also said the 44-year-old kidnapping target was doing much better emotionally yesterday as the probe continues.
The incident occurred two days ago at the woman’s Fitches Creek workplace, some some after 10 a.m.
She earlier told OBSERVER media that she was shaken and frightened after two men, dressed in blue coveralls marked POLICE, showed up at her workplace and told her that her son, who is a police officer, had been involved in an accident and was on the verge of death so she must immediately go with them to the hospital.
Since her boss was not there, the woman said she told the men she would wait for her and have her take her to see the injured son.
The suspected impersonators left shortly afterwards and the woman reached out to her son via phone and learned that he was not in an accident and there is no officer in the Special Services Unit with the name “Corporal David”. That was the name that one of the impersonators reportedly used to identify himself to the mother.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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