Working adults urged to take advantage of new academic programme at The UWI Five Islands

Executive Director of the Lifelong Learning Unit Paula C.M. Lee (filephoto)
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By Theresa Goodwin

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The University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus has established a new professional development programme that will expose adult learners in the workplace to a diverse range of options to further boost capacity and sharpen their skills.

The Lifelong Learning Unit was established in August as the tertiary institution aims to assist in the development of the human capital of the Caribbean.

Through this medium, a suite of professional development courses will be offered, thereby giving participants the opportunity to engage in online and in-person studies via interactive features, and knowledgeable and engaging facilitators.

In addition to professional development courses, the Lifelong Learning Unit will undertake sponsored research and consultancy services to develop knowledge-based solutions and support the transformation and growth of businesses across diverse industry sectors.  

Executive Director of the Lifelong Learning Unit Paula C M Lee explained that “as the small states within the OECS and other larger developing countries reposition themselves to compete effectively in global markets, their success will be largely dependent on the knowledge-economy which is critical to drive sustainable growth. Admittedly, in order to benefit from this new economic sector, individuals need to be certified at the highest level of international competitiveness”. 

She added that the programme provides a unique opportunity for people to excel in different areas while they earn a living.

“When you learn and you earn and you are able to attract credentials in other industries, you can move on to other areas. I want my people to understand Lifelong Learning at the Five Islands Campus is there for you. We have short courses that we are going to offer from January of next year; we have customised courses that we can develop that can be industry specific,” Lee said.

The executive director also said the unit will be reaching out to businesses in both the public and private sectors to negotiate opportunities for employees.  

One of the offerings of the LLU will be the Harvard Business School Online Credential of Readiness (CORe) designation. CORe is a combination of three courses, Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting.

The programme is designed to enable working adults to master essential business skills, participate fully in organisational decision-making, and advance their careers. Participants are required to register two weeks in advance of the programme’s start date.

The amount payable at registration is US $1,100, and a 10 percent discount will be granted to groups of 10 or more participants. The inaugural cohort will begin on November 23rd, 2021.  

“We are committed to supporting stakeholders that are building a sustainable culture for lifelong learning. Given the positive results of lifelong learning, it is conceivable that as more people within the OECS participate, a highly resilient economic future can be achieved,” Lee said.  

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