Work To Begin On Final Stages At YASCO

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By Carlena Knight

After another delay on the YASCO sports complex, work will soon get under way for the final stages of the project as the equipment needed to carry out the said work has arrived on island.

This was revealed by the Minister responsible for Sports, Daryll Matthew who updated the public briefly on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show last week.

“All the equipment is now on island; the auxiliary equipment that we were waiting to come in are here. I think they are waiting to be cleared or they might have been cleared … and so it is just a matter of finalising the final set of civil works and lay the track,” he said.

Matthew hinted that a few minor changes will be made before the final laying out of the track.

“They will continue the civil works now that everything is here. There are one or two adjustments that need to be made and that’s just it.”

He also added that the MONDO technician who will be responsible for the laying out of the track will now be contacted to return in short order.

“Now that the items are on island, what they asked us about two or three days ago is that when the auxiliary items get on island, let them know so that they can schedule the technician coming back. So that information is going out to them,” Minister Matthew said.

The YASCO complex has been out of commission for over a year, which resulted in the cancellation of the School’s Track and Field Championships for the second straight year.

Matthew, however, gave no official date for the completion of the track. 

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