Work halts at government housing site

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Protesting workers at one of government’s housing construction sites have vowed to continue their protest action if they are not told when they will receive salary increases. Yesterday, more than 70 labourers including masons, carpenters, steel benders, electricians and plumbers, employed by the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company Ltd., took their grievance from the Denfield Cook site to the administrate office at Dredge Bay.
When OBSERVER media arrived at the Dredge Bay office, the workers were in a heated confrontation with police officers, as staff who were not authorised to address the aggrieved workers, cowered behind a locked door. “Big working man with wife, children and responsibilities taking home $350 and $600 per week in Antigua, and we are skilled workers. Three years we on the job and we already produced enough, we did over 60 houses and we just need what they promised us. We have been promised better wages so long and up to now we can’t get it,” Mario “Starkey” Semper said.
The team leader of the steel team, Semper said labourers were initially told they would be evaluated before salary increases could be given.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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