Women warned against displaying negative behaviour on social media

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Women have been asked to think twice before reacting to each other with vicious words and threatening behaviour on social media platforms.

 Speaking at the 2019 Women’s Empowerment Brunch on Sunday, Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh said these tendencies perpetrated online by females may encourage men to exhibit the same behaviour towards women.

“When women choose to tear down one another on social media, we are changing how others see us. We are fuelling the minds of our male counterparts with notions that we are combative, we are impulsive, and we have total disregard for the feelings of others. Women, that isn’t who we are; far from it,” the Chief Magistrate said.

She urged women to empathize with each other, even when there is no relation but to simply build and maintain the bond of sisterhood.

“We are better than that. Remember the same gender you tear down is a mother, a sister, a niece, a wife or a best friend.”

According to Chief Magistrate Walsh, choosing to do the right thing can make positive changes for the future.

“All of us are given options on a daily basis and making the right choices will determine our direction in life. Decisions we make will change the course of history.”

While some may feel intimidated due to her position in the judiciary, Chief Magistrate Walsh said she wields her power with love and compassion for those who enter her chambers and the community at large.

“I’m in a position to change the lives of those who come before me one way or another and, to some, being a woman on the bench can be intimidating. But I rise to the occasion every time because my character guides my path, my objectivity and compassion empowers me at the end of that winding road.”

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