Women still shying away from doing annual mammograms – Breast Friends president

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Despite increased public education about breast cancer awareness, more and more women are still shying away from doing their annual mammograms or visiting their doctors to report abnormalities in their breasts.
President of Breast Friends, a local cancer awareness group, Eunetta Bird said fear seems to be the primary reason behind what she described as an increase in breast cancer, especially among women under 40 years of age.
“We are encouraging women to not allow fear to prevent them from seeking medical help. If you see anything unusual going on in your body, seek medical attention do not delay. Breast cancer is not going to wait until you are ready to make a move, it is going to spread to other parts of the body and when you decide to go to the doctor, it may be too late,” Bird said during an interview on Tuesday as she promoted Breast Cancer Awareness month.
In observance of the month, the local group will be hosting a series of activities to continue to raise public awareness about breast cancer. One of the primary activities is the annual walk for cure which will be held this weekend in partnership with the CIBC First Caribbean Bank.
The walk is a regional cancer awareness activity and fundraiser which takes place in all the territories of the Dutch and English speaking Caribbean where the bank operates. Over the past few years the bank has donated the funds raised from the walk to Breast Friends in support of the continuing work with cancer. In 2017 the walk raised EC $47,500 and was considered the largest intake in its history in Antigua.
Coordinator of the CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Walk for the Cure – “The Kathleen Parker Glow Edition”, Julia Joseph said the walk will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 4 p.m.

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