Woman reports rape, no suspect in custody

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An Antiguan woman who lives overseas but recently returned to visit relatives for her birthday, was allegedly raped by a masked man who also robbed her in the wee hours of yesterday.
The police are trying to find the man who allegedly committed the act, but a source close to the matter said there’s very little evidence to go on since the perpetrator was masked and wore long-sleeved clothing.
According to reports, the man entered the upstairs studio apartment in Ottos where the woman was staying with family for nearly two weeks.
The woman’s name and any information that could lead to the revelation of her identity cannot be published in accordance with the Sexual Offences Act.
A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said it appears the front door to the apartment was not properly locked and the intruder was able to get into the house with little effort.
The woman, who was in the living room watching television, was reportedly held at gunpoint, raped and then robbed of her jewellery and cash.
The incident occurred just hours after the woman celebrated her 36th birthday.
Several other relatives who were at home, including another woman, were also robbed. The victim was treated at hospital and has since relocated to another relative’s home.
In recent weeks, the police have received at least two more reports of women being attacked in their homes, sexually assaulted and robbed.

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