Woman demands answers about twin girls taken and never returned after birth 15 years ago

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By Martina Johnson

The police and “all relevant agencies” of the government will be involved in a probe into the allegations by Keoma Hamer, who alleges that in 2004 the staff at Holberton Hospital lied when they told her that her twin girls were born dead at the state-owned facility.

News of that probe come days after the woman made her allegations publicly, while accusing the medical staff who handled her case of (1) possibly lying to her that her babies had died; (2) covering up all the events of the night of September 7, 2004 when she gave birth; and (3) treating her poorly from the time she was admitted at the hospital on September 4, 2004 up to the day she was discharged late September 2004.

Hamer, who was 19 at the time of the ordeal, told OBSERVER media yesterday that she has been receiving a lot of support since she shared her story on social media. And, she said, she prays that more information is forthcoming to solve the mystery surrounding the incident.

She decided to come public in early June this year, after having written to the Ministry of Health in Antigua in February and following up with calls asking for an inquiry to be done, but without any success/assistance.

Once she posted her situation on Facebook and Instagram and it went viral, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph wrote to her on June 24, apologising for the ministry’s “tardy” response, while indicating that the seriousness of the allegations requires immediate attention.

The minister further indicated that he would keep the young woman updated on the investigation and would seek her participation at the appropriate time.

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