Woman claims she is being victimised by Barbuda Council

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By Carlena Knight

A Barbuda Council worker says she is being victimized by the local government body on the sister isle because of her political affiliation.

Karen Weatherhead, who is staging a one-woman protest in Barbuda, told OBSERVER media yesterday that she is owed more than 23 weeks in salaries from the Council.

Weatherhead, whose role is to supervise the upkeep of schools on the sister island, took to the streets of Barbuda earlier this week, dressed in red, and holding a placard stating ‘It’s my money and I need it now! 23 weeks and no pay, People fed up!’

The grandmother shared her frustrations with this media house.

“It’s a problem; it’s been over 23 weeks since I have not been paid and there [are] some people from the nine weeks when the other government was in power and they got their nine weeks payment, but I am wondering if because I support the [Antigua] Labour Party why I can’t get my nine weeks.

“I have kids, and grand-kid. I have child that I was supposed to send to college and up to now I can’t send him because that done close off, so I have to wait till January.”

She revealed that she has been receiving the run-around from the relevant authorities.

“I went in and I spoke to the representative and they said there is no money and it is unfair to know some people get nine weeks from what they are owed and some can’t benefit with 20-odd weeks without pay. I have children to feed, I have bills to pay. They said to write a letter, I did that, I went back multiple times and they tell me maybe today I might get pay or next week. That is why I went and protest, I need my money and I can’t get my money.”

When asked if she would end this protest action, Weatherhead made it clear that she will not stop until she is paid.

She stated: “I do not care what government is in there because I work every day and I work honestly and I need my money and if no money tomorrow then next week I will be back on the streets. It’s my money and I need it!”

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