Woman, 64, fined for threatening to shoot complainant in court

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By Latrishka Thomas

A 64-year-old woman was yesterday fined $200 for threatening to shoot her aunt while in the High Court on Tuesday.

Deborah Abbott was part of a civil proceeding in the High Court over land which she says her aunt, the complainant, is trying to take from her.

While the complainant’s lawyer was questioning Abbott on the stand, she pointed her fingers at her aunt and said “me go shoot you”.

The judge had the matter stood down, the audio was reviewed and Abbott’s threat was confirmed.

She was subsequently taken into custody and charged for using threatening language.

In St John’s Magistrate’s Court yesterday, the woman, after pleading guilty, said that she did not like how her aunt was treating her in order to “get her off the land”.

“I just did it to let her feel it,” she said in defence of her statement.

Abbott further explained that she did not know the court’s mic was on.

While in tears, the defendant apologised for her actions saying, “I’m so sorry I said it…it won’t happen again.”

Should the woman fail to pay the $200 fine she will have to spend two months behind bars, Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh declared.

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