Witness the Revolution, Experience the Rave

Patrons at last year’s Experiment: Rave party. (Photo by Nicole Burton-Fleming)

Tonight, in a warehouse amidst coloured fog and a blend of techno, soca, hip hop and pop music, Project: Sync invites partygoers to “Witness the Revolution” at their fete, Experiment: Rave.

Project: Sync’s 20-year-old founder Michai Robertson describes the upcoming experience as a “rave-like feeling … like a big music festival.” The team considers its parties to be different than any other fetes.

Project: Sync is a non-profit organisation that consists of eight young men and one woman, aged 17-25, who host parties and donate proceeds to various charities. Experiment: Rave is being held tonight at the Old Antigua Winery on Airport Road.

This event will raise funds for breast cancer, specifically to aid the Oncology department at the Mount St John’s Hospital. The Sync team partnered with Maimah Karmo, founder of Tiger Lily Foundation, which Karmo started in support of women with breast cancer after she was diagnosed with the disease at age 32.

Karmo told OBSERVER that, “I think it’s great to have young people take up philanthropy … and to have young men, at that, who find it their mission and passion to give back to other people.”

It all began the night after the first party they organised with the Interact Club of Antigua, while attending the Antigua Grammar School. Seeing the success of the event, the two founders, Robertson and Marcus Francis, called each other on Skype and decided to create their own non-profit organization.

The name Project: Sync was inspired by the function of the company, which Robertson described as an ongoing project for the synchronisation of charity and parties.

As to how their following grew to the size it is now, “hundreds and thousands” according to member Jody Maginley, Robertson said a lot of it had to do with exposure on social media. “Also, the company is very graphic-based. It’s easier to attract when you have visual aids,” he said.

The future of Project: Sync is to go global, according to Robertson, who said, “We’re trying to expand the company … Up to last year we had a board meeting discussing having parties across the region, specifically in Barbados, Canada as well as the United Kingdom,” locations where the various members are studying.

However, the group’s dream, they say, is to build a recreational centre in Antigua. Robertson said certain finances are being set aside to go towards this long-term project, which is still in early stages.

“That’s unique, that we give back to charity. Our board members and volunteers don’t get paid,” said Robertson. “The teamwork that we put into the parties shows.”

“You’re at a loss for words when you’re able to help,” he said. “It’s also sometimes depressing, because you have to choose, and that means you’re leaving out other causes when you want to help everyone.”

Proceeds from Experiment: Rave will go towards the oncology department at Mount St John’s Medical centre.

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