Witness says granny used a bigger stick than she showed police

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A neighbour, who witnessed murder accused Millicent Cornwall-Roberts beating her granddaughter in September 2014, said the weapon shown to the court is not the one he saw her using during the attack that allegedly resulted in the teenager’s death.
The weapon presented in court was the one Cornwall-Roberts handed to police when they went to her home the morning after she allegedly killed 18-year-old Jael Thomas.
The weapon was described to be about three feet long and an inch thick. But the witness, Kevin James said the stick the woman used was “much
bigger” and “much fatter”.
Medical evidence showed that the teen’s ears were injured, her left foot had a puncture from which she bled to death and both feet were fractured. She also had multiple cuts about the body.
Yesterday, the jury, along with the Director of Public Prosecutions, Anthony Armstrong; Crown Counsel, Shannon Jones Gittens; defense attorney, John Fuller; High Court Judge, Justice Keith Thom and the accused visited the scene of the crime — Cornwall-Roberts’ Mack Pond home.
There, James explained what transpired the night of the attack but this time the jury had the opportunity to see the crime scene.
Fuller questioned James on how he would have been able to properly see the width of the stick in the night. James answered that he was able to see due to the light shining from the lamppost up the road.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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