Witchcraft at Parham Police Station?

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One of the three officers accusing the suspended Commissioner of Police of making unwanted sexual advances towards him, is being accused of practising obeah.
Several of the officer’s colleagues made an official report of the matter this morning, claiming they walked in on him committing the act at the Parham Police Station.
According to one source close to the case, the officers who complained, had just returned to the station close to 2 o’clock this morning when they saw their colleague with a bottle containing suspicious substances and which had a very strange odour.
The officer had the bottle on the guard desk. His colleagues complained also that when they checked their rooms, a number of items had been removed and the area also had the same odour as the contents of the bottle at the guard desk.
The officers have asked the police hierarchy to intervene, claiming they are uncomfortable working under those conditions.
And, they have also asked their supervisors to warn the cop that obeah and witchcraft are crimes in Antigua and Barbuda.
The officer being accused of obeah alleged earlier this year that top cop Wendel Robinson made unwanted sexual advances towards him some time ago.
Robinson has been on suspension since April 5 as that complaint and two similar ones are being investigated.
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