WIOC boosts cooking gas supplies

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By Latrishka Thomas 

The West Indies Oil Company has quadrupled its storage capacity for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). In fact, just two days ago, the company commemorated its increase in storage capacity in the form of a ribbon cutting ceremony for the LPG Tank Facility.

During his address at the ceremony Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the WIOC, Gregory Georges, stated that WIOC has quadrupled their stockpile of cooking gas through the new tanks.

“Up until now our storage capacity had been a paltry 90,000 US gallons of LPG comprised of three propane tanks each with a capacity of 30,000 gallons. Let’s put it in context, 90,000 US gallons- based on the current demand in Antigua and Barbuda-will last us just 7 days. For a growing company servicing the needs of a growing economy this has been far from adequate. A welcomed change has come. We have now quadrupled our LPG storage to a capacity of 360,000 US gallons,” Georges said.

He further explained that the oil company foresaw an increase in demand for the gas.

“We have experienced a 9.2 percent in our LPG business from 2015 to 2018 and based on sales up until September 2019 we are projecting a further increase of 6.5 percent to the end of the year …We have boosted that storage to meet that increased demand,” he explained.

The CEO therefore reassured the public that the hassle to find cooking gas will no longer exist.

He said: “As CEO of this company I want all stakeholders to rest assured that we have more than sufficient supply of LPG on hand and now we have enough cylinders on hand as well to meet that market demand. No more driving all over the place on weekends and during Christmas season searching for LPG cylinders, we have enough on the market.

“And accompanying this with a new innovative customer centric approach and that is why you will notice that we introduced a new 25-pound composite cylinder in April of this year. We now therefore have three-cylinder categories, the 20 pounds, the 25 pounds and the 100 pounds,” he continued.

In addition, he said that WIOC has purchased two other bobtail trucks in the last two years to ensure greater reliability and efficiency when delivering the LPG. The ribbon cutting ceremony held on Thursday was well-attended, with Chairman of the WIOC Board of Directors Ambassador Raul Licausi, President-Admiral LPG Jose Morales, Governor General His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams and Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

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