Winter hints at competing in Carnival calypso competition

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Tian Winter
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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

Soca king Tian Winter, who in 2019 participated for the first time in the Sir Prince Ramsey Calypso monarch event, may be making his return this year.

Winter who finished third with the songs, ‘Cycles’ and ‘Let Loose’ revealed that once things go according to plan, he will be making his return to both the calypso and soca monarch competitions as he did in Carnival 2019.

“I plan to, once things look how they are supposed to look. I plan to compete in all the competitions once things look how they’re suppose to look,” Winter said.

He is just the second soca artiste who has hinted at participating in this year’s calypso competition, as the reigning Groovy champion Dennis ‘Menace XL’ Roberts, declared earlier this month that he will be entering the competition for the first time.

Winter was speaking on the Observer AM show on Friday on the topic while releasing several new tracks to the public, one of which is a party calypso mix ‘In De Dance’.

The singer admits that it was a challenging two years for him as the entertainment industry was non-existent due to Covid.

“I am not going to sugarcoat anything, it was hard. I try to handle my finances in such a way that you don’t fall flat on your face, but for everybody, the pandemic was pretty much that. Some people flourished during the pandemic, but for artistes and the entertainment industry that was down we took a toll. It was two years. Mentally, it was draining. I had no vibes. I didn’t want to do anything. No music. Nothing,” he mentioned.

Despite that lull, Winter explained that the motivation from his fans helped him to come out of that slump and produce new music for this fete season.

He added that it’s full steam ahead for him, gearing up for Carnival 2022, not only for his individual competitions, but for his T-shirt mas’ band, Icons, as well.

The band which will now participate in its 4th Carnival celebrations, will not only be taking to the streets for T-shirt mas’, but will also be on the road for either Carnival Monday or Tuesday.

According to Winter, the exact day has not yet been confirmed.  Nevertheless, registration is now open.

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