Wickham: Lovell’s absence from senate a good thing

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A political analyst said that the absence of Harold Lovell, the political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) from the senate, is a wise move by the party.
Lovell was noticeably absent from the list of UPP senators which are: Richard Lewis, Shawn Nicholas, Damani Tabor and Johnathon Joseph
Peter Wickham, a pollster and political analyst, said that the names put forward by the UPP are of mature individuals.
“The names I’m hearing sound like they are reflective of a level of political maturity. I think it is wise for Mr. Lovell not to take up a seat, and I think it probably signals a concession on his part that he will not be part of the UPP’s politics going forward,” he said.
Wickham added that this will give the “young blood,” some exposure and opportunities, but he suggested that the UPP should work on a partnering with the Barbuda Peoples Movement that managed to capture the Barbudan votes.
“My only question is whether there ought to be a facility for a Barbudan senator and I wondered whether the BPM could have been given an opportunity to identify a senator from Barbuda to help strengthen their case at that level, but outside of that, the opposition senatorial positions seem mature,” he added.
Also absent from the list was Wilmoth Daniel who was defeated at the polls after he moved from his UPP stronghold in St. Philip South to run against Prime Minister Gaston Browne in St. John’s City West.
Wickham said that the UPP stalwart who’d held onto the St. Philip South seat for several elections should be heading off on retirement.
“That stunt he pulled in the prime minister’s constituency was literally just that, a stunt. It is a stunt that failed, and I think he will proceed into retirement as he always intended to,” he said.
In a post-election statement, Lovell indicated that the fight is not over for the party, however there was no indication what role he will play in the party.
Meanwhile, the political analyst said Barbudans made a bad choice by voting against the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party.
Trevor Walker of the BPM is the new member of parliament for that constituency after beating the ABLP’s Arthur Nibbs in last week’s general elections.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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