Where is the report on how a triple murder accused escaped?

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Nearly three months after a man accused of several murders was recaptured, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, minister of Public Safety has not made public a promised report on how that man, Delano Forbes, escaped police custody in the first place. Now Benjamin is now under fire from the opposition.
Leon Chaku Symister, the United Progressive Party’s (UPP’s) spokesman on Legal Affairs and National Security said this weekend that Benjamin and police officials have simply “forgotten about the people.”
He accused them of “a pattern of not informing the public” about major law enforcement or security blunders in the first instance and later failing to be transparent about the circumstances that led to them.
Last week, Forbes was charged with yet another murder, that of Morison Thomas, a retired postman who police believe was killed by Forbes during the nearly four weeks that the accused man evaded lawmen.
On March 10 following Forbes’ recapture the day prior, the minister of public safety declared that he could “give the public the assurance” that whenever he received a full report on Forbes’ escape “it will be made public.”
 “Someone has to explain fully the true circumstance surrounding that escape,” Benjamin declared, describing it as “an absolute disgrace.”
He had made a similar promise days after the accused murderer escaped.
  “We were promised a report!” Symister declared on the weekend. “We continue to get promises of reports when these incidents happen and then they just forget about the people.”
He called on the minister to produce the report, whether written or oral, of Forbes’ escape and to do the same for another recent escapee, Paul Southwell.
Neither the police nor the authorities at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) have officially explained how Southwell also known as “Bam Bam”, who was on remand at HMP, disappeared last week Wednesday and reappeared in Bendals on Thursday morning where he was recaptured.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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