What will happen to the case of a businessman accused of statutory rape?

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There’s confusion surrounding the status of a case against a businessman accused of having sexual intercourse with a minor. Earlier this week, based on information from the investigating officer, Crown Counsel Adlai Smith informed Iain Morley, Justice, that the case had been committed by a magistrate to be tried in the High Court.
However, when OBSERVER media investigated the matter, it was discovered that the case had, in fact, been dismissed by Joanne Walsh, chief magistrate, because the police had allegedly failed to submit a file for her to review to make a decision at the committal hearing.
According to a source close to the matter, the police prosecution did not pass on that information to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), and there was no follow-up after that – at least not until this week when several people were convicted for demanding money from the businessman with a promise not to take the matter to the police.
The source said the investigator seems to have been misinformed that the magistrate had sent the case to the High Court.
“The investigator did not know the case had been dismissed up until this week,” a source said.
OBSERVER media was told by another source that the case file was completed a long time ago and should have been provided to the magistrate.
Meanwhile, the source said the Criminal Prosecutions Bill, which is awaiting the approval of the Senate, will prevent such a thing from happening again.
“Incidents like these underscore the importance of having one department handling all criminal cases so that nothing is left to chance,” the source said.
Under this legislation, the DPP and his office will take over all criminal prosecution from the police.

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