What it takes to win the Caribana Calypso Monarch Competition

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Calypso is the cultural fibre that holds Barbuda’s Caribana Festival together. The people love it and take it very seriously. From what I heard, the title alone gives you all the cool points you need.
As a matter of fact, the intense pressure to win can get to your head. This year, two artistes set to compete dropped out leaving only eight vying for the crown.
If you follow these steps, you can win the next Calypso Competition.
Give your song meaning

Your lyrics account for 40 per cent of your overall score. It is broken down into subcategories of originality, interpretation and development, language and creativity.  Lady Spice’s song portrayed how much political affiliation can stunt the development of a society. Her strong lyrics helped her to win first runner up and “Best Social Commentary”.
Music is the beat that makes you move your feet
Calypso is full of brass instruments. We love it, especially if it helps us understand the meaning of the lyrics. Have you ever heard a catchy song and then it’s stuck in your head? Even if you have the same social message as another calypsonian, your melody sets you a part from the rest. Music is worth 35 points.
Props, props, props!

Have props your audience in the distance can not only see, but relate to. Your prop doesn’t have to be carboard, as seen from Lady Spice and Stabba.
Command the stage
The judges are not only looking for great content, but they are carefully examining your onstage mannerisms. How comfortable are you? Show the judges that you’re confident and that may actually give you an edge over the competition.
Woo the crowd

Is your song the best if the crowd is either fighting sleep or on their phone? A well put together song will leave the judges impressed and the crowd moving. Don’t forget to add humour. That’s how Queen Singing Stabba won. Her song Issues (better known around the island as “Ish Shoes”) was a crowd favourite.
She told OBSERVER media, “I am excited about this win. Someone made a joke with one of my cousins and said ‘you have issues’ and he took it the wrong way and went to another cousin of mine and said ‘how you go tell people me have on fu you shoes?’ So, we all built a song from that.”
The women dominated the Caribana winners’ circle on Sunday night. The second runner-up was Cinnamon, Lady Spice was adjudged the first runner-up, and Queen Singing Stabba drove away in brand new SUV compliments of the sponsors Harney Motors Ltd.

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