Weston calls on regional leaders to unite in fight over cruise sector

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By Carlena Knight

Minister with responsibility for Public Works, Lennox Weston has called on the regional governments to come together to negotiate with the principals of the cruise industry in order to realise more benefits.

Weston, while debating the Global Port Holdings (GPH) Bill in Parliament on Tuesday, further accused the regional leaders of being greedy instead of uniting to force changes to the cruise sector.

“Caribbean leaders are failing the Caribbean people by not cooperating in critical areas, because just as how the cruise lines have come as one fist, we should have been facing them as one fist also,” he said.

“They can’t cruise without our countries, our waters, but you know, sometimes some people say it’s because of slavery, but I think it is because of greed and stupidity that we need to get somebody else to do our work for us.”

Weston was referring to the GPH company as the entity to help in this situation, as he believes that GPH could help to put the region on a better footing to negotiate with the Florida Cruise Organisation.

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