Weston accuses diplomats of “wasting time”

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Leader of the government business in the Senate Lennox Weston is accusing diplomats in the Caribbean of “wasting time”, saying that they also have no presence and little influence over major decision making bodies.
Weston made that criticism during a debate on the Money Laundering Prevention Bill 2017.
He told the Senate that the current “piecemeal” reaction towards major countries is not working in the benefit of small island states.
“I remember there were times when certain leaders like Michael Manley spoke, the world had to listen,” he recalled.
Weston is suggesting the formation of an alliance, to push the agendas of developing countries.
“We need to have an international council where we go at this, using all our prime ministers and heads of government to push forward, “he explained.
According to Weston, the Caribbean must begin to speak in unison regarding several of the sanctions imposed on small states. “The world must hear our voices at the highest level making a coordinated claim and push back. We have to tell our leaders that they must go out there together and make their presence felt.”
Weston added that the Caribbean needs to lean towards the more developed countries like China and Europe to form partnerships to strengthen their voices. “We cannot just lay back and take it,” he concluded.

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