West Bus Station drivers want proper bathrooms

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Bus drivers, operating at the West Bus Station Terminal,  will be huddling today to determine what  course of action they will take to convince the St John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) to finish a bathroom facility that has been under construction for some time.
According to the drivers, many areas of the terminal reek of urine, as people, including commuters and some of their own colleagues have been relieving themselves outside the restroom and in the immediate surroundings where a new structure is being built.
During a recent interview with our newsroom, President of the Antigua & Barbuda Buses Association  Keithroy Black said, “It is overbearing now. There is sand in the unfinished building, and people are going in there, defecating and using the sand to cover it.”
Black said the association has taken action over the past few years to highlight its concerns at the terminal. He said he has called for the the association to have greater autonomy over the management of the terminal.
“If we have access to run that terminal, when we say we are going to take a stand you cannot be operating, because you cannot operate in the terminal. Only members of asssociation would be allowed to operate in the terminal,” Black said.
The cry for help to deal with the unsanitary conditions of the West Bus Station terminal has been a topical issues for years. Several weeks ago vendors called on the Ministry of Health and the SJDC to stop turning a blind eye to the “extremely unsanitary conditions” at the West Bus Station.
The drivers and vendors also view the situation as unfair since they pay daily dues to use the terminal and yet, have to endure the unsanitary conditions.
Apart from their dissatisfaction about the improper disposal of waste and “the stench coming from the supposed-to-be bathroom”, bus drivers and vendors compain about school children loitering at the bus station terminal.

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