Wendel Robinson misses termination hearing

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According to reports, Suspended Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson did not attend his termination hearing that was scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 15th.

It is purported that Robinson wrote a letter to the Police Service Commission (PSC), which was delivered on the said date, indicating that he would not be able to attend the hearing.

In a letter dated 15th October, 2019 the Commission indicated its intent to relieve Robinson of his duties as Commissioner of Police at a meeting that was scheduled for October 25th.

However, that meeting was postponed to November 14th at Robinson’s request.

Robinson had submitted a sick certificate and requested more time so that he could answer to each specific allegation in the letter from the PSC.

He also told OBSERVER media that, at the time, his doctors had advised him to avoid any stressful environment for the next three weeks.

The Commissioner of Police may face termination because of, as described in a letter by the Police Service Commission, his temperament, and the antagonism between him and the Minister with responsibility for the police.

He was first suspended a year and a half ago on April 5th, 2018, after policemen under his charge, accused the top cop of sexual harassment.

After winning his appeal in court, Robinson was issued yet another suspension letter and is awaiting hearing on the matter of the second suspension, which is scheduled for February of 2020.

Meanwhile, the PSC appears to be moving ahead with its plan to relieve Robinson of the position of head of the police force.

OBSERVER media has been unable to reach Commissioner Robinson for confirmation of the aforementioned reports.

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