Wehner’s battery trial commences

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Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for the St George constituency, George Wehner, pleaded not guilty when he appeared in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court yesterday, jointly charged with Swanston Lewis, with battery of a police officer.
This occurred at the start of the trial yesterday.
Thee officer who was allegedly the victim, Constable Marvin Cuffy, testified under oath that he was sitting on the steps of Sea Breeze Reception Hall on September 9, 2016 when the men confronted him in an aggressive manner, demanding that he must leave and pulled him off the steps.
Cuffy, who is attached to Special Branch, stated that the incident occurred at a meeting of the good governance group — The Movement – after a member of the Movement began reading a document at the podium and said the information should remain in that room.
The Movement is a good governance activist group formed over a year ago and Wehner and Lewis are said to be members.
The two accused were charged following the interaction with Cuffy and will return to court on July 24 for the continuation of the trial.
At that time, Cuffy is expected to be cross examined by defense counsel Leon Chaku Symister.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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