We need a standardised look, says Sports Minister

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By Carlena Knight

A standardised look could be on the cards as the national uniform for athletes in all sports.

This was revealed by the Minister responsible for Sports, Daryll Matthew, who spoke briefly on the topic.

Matthew was addressing concerns made by the public over the use of different shades of the national colours in uniforms by various sporting disciplines.

“Well, I don’t know if we need to get a plan to say these are the standardised colours. The colours of the flag are what they are … I think, what we need to do is to standardise our national uniform, have a national look so that when a team travels you can see immediately that this is Antigua and Barbuda, and not when football, for example, travels they use black and yellow and when basketball travels they use red and blue and when whomever travels they use white and yellow. We need to have a standardised look,” Matthew said while speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show.

He also hinted on a proposed plan that the ministry may undertake to find that design.

“It’s something that the director [Heather Samuel-Daley] and I had discussed as far back as a year ago, in terms of how to do it. We discussed briefly having a competition nationally asking persons to submit designs for national wear and it’s something that probably needs to come back top of the agenda,” he said

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