We Have Surpassed Inter-schools: Greene Says PMS Sports Day Rivalling Ministry’s Marquee Event

L -The PMS put on a major launch of its 2022 Sports Day under the theme ‘We are Back’ R- Athletes march through a ceremonial guard of honour during the launch
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By Neto Baptiste

The track and field aspect of Princess Margaret School’s (PMS) annual sports day activities is fast becoming the most popular on island, possibly even rivalling the annual national event put on by the Ministry of Sports. 

This is the opinion of Principal of PMS, Dr Colin Greene, who said that close to 3,000 spectators attended last week’s edition of the school’s annual sports day held at the YASCO Sports Complex.

“It kind of demonstrated that paying attention to the spectator aspect of sports leads to improved performances from our athletes. So, we can just look back at the types of performances that we saw at the meet and the type of energy that the crowd brought to the meet because this year we had well over 2,600 officially at the meet. It would have been more, but you know YASCO is still a rubbish heap; there are all kinds of holes in the fence that people jump through so what we have is a brand new track in the middle of a rubbish heap,” he said.

The school, known for its ability to successfully fuse sports and education, held its annual event last Wednesday. It was the first time in two years since the school put its athletes on display after having to take a break because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Greene said the event serves as a major fundraiser for the school as the proceeds not only fund track and field events, but assist in offsetting costs associated with a number of other activities. 

“What has happened is that for a lot of years we spent a lot of money trying to keep people out of the sports day. We used to hire security to keep non-PMS people out of the venue, but people have always wanted to come. I think we just changed our philosophy that we really can’t spend all this energy trying to keep people out. The expenses associated with promoting it and doing what we do brought us to a point where it was better we just charge a fee and use those funds to go back into the programme,” the principal said.

Greene explained the level of work and preparation that goes into staging the event.

“The event starts at 3pm but our students come [to the school] at 12 — the athletes. The school makes sure they are fed a proper lunch so that you are solid going in. [Then] we hire buses to take them from PMS to YASCO and at the end of the day we hired some eight school buses and when we say hire, we had to pay because they treat us like a private entity,” he said.

“We paid for the platform because YASCO has no seating so if you see how we were set up, it was first class. We hired a private security firm to ensure there is added security in addition to the police. There [was] additional lighting and we were the ones who brought in barricades,” Greene added.

Red House emerged champions of the event while Yellow House were second place finishers. Former champions Blue House ended third while Green House finished in the cellar position.

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